Our Approach

Building tracks and courses that appeal to the drivers is our #1 goal. If the drivers love the course, the racing will be the best. If the racing is the best, the fans and teams watching will witness amazing racing and the circle is complete. Our commitment is to provide safe tracks that challenge the drivers and vehicles while offering great passing opportunities and amazing viewing for spectators.

Meet the Team

These are the people who make this business.
It's a human thing.


Jason Cobb


Jason doesn't snore...he just dreams of driving a tractor! Jason has been building professional tracks since 1990. He began his professional off road racing career in 1994 and had the opportunity to mix business with pleasure by working with big name racing companies like Impact Safety, KC HiLiTES and CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods. He now runs Five 2 Productions, TrophyLite and Trophy Lights .


Joshua Cobb

Vice President

This young gun has been racing professionally on 4 wheels in the off road industry since he was 14 and has raced in classes 1/2-1600, 7200, 6100, Terracross and is the 2018 Best in the Desert TrophyLite champion! He has been a huge part of the family's success with their new venture, TrophyLite.


Gretchen Cobb


Gretchen is the glue that keeps this circus together and also handles the CFO duties, Registration, IT, Scoring and so much more. She is a whiz with a calculator, and none of this is possible without her.

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